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The GIM Project was created to raise the standard of human wellness, fitness, and performance. We offer a variety of programs to best suit your needs: restorative, general fitness, and performance. Each program has been designed with a very systematic and cerebral approach to maximize your physical capacities and help you reach your goals. We utilize exercises and program design strategies backed by research to help you adapt, evolve, and optimize better.





Meet The Team

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Rayce Houser

What's up everyone, my name is Rayce. I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), and co-founder of The GIM Project. I received my Doctorate from Pacific University in 2021. I also serve as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach for Pacific University Baseball, Softball, Golf and Swim programs. Currently, I am an Orthopedic Resident with the University of Maryland. My philosophy is simple: systematic and organized variability in training to build a robust athlete/individual.


Shahin Marzband
B.S. Exercise Science

What’s good! My name is Shahin but I go by “Shah” and I am a co-founder of The GIM Project. All my life I’ve been an athlete, and that's where all my passion resides. I received my B.S. from Pacific University with an emphasis in Integrated Physiology, and now work with various athletes as a personal trainer. I have always found a sense of freedom and happiness through play, and that’s exactly my philosophy in training. I believe everyone is an athlete at some level, and my goal is to unlock/further that trait to accomplish their goals. Now let’s ball out!


Rehabilitative/Restorative: For individuals looking to bridge the gap between rehab and training. There are multiple programs designed based upon your rehabilitation history and individual needs/goals. Programs are designed to enhance your movement capacities and your movement options to help ensure you can continue to live life at its fullest.

Fitness: For individuals looking to improve overall fitness: muscular strength and endurance, mobility, cardiovascular health, and body composition. There are multiple programs ranging from 4 weeks to 12 weeks and options varying from 3 days a week to 6 days a week. Invest in yourself; be the best, healthiest version of you.

Performance: For individuals looking to gain a competitive edge on the court or on the playing field. This 16 week program will help cultivate you into a faster, stronger, and more athletic competitor. Don't leave your success to chance, dominate your opponent both on and off the field.






"Rayce's workouts played a huge role in turning me into the player I am today. He has been helpful through every step of the process, always supplying us with new and refreshing workouts. While I have put on plenty of muscle, I have also become more mobile. He has been very resourceful and is always open to answering questions. Rayce even does a great job with rehab, as he has helped my teammates and I quickly bounce back from injuries. I recommend Rayce's workouts to anyone who wants to be a better athlete."

Chase Anderson

2nd Team All-American Short Stop

"Working with Shah has changed my outlook on my fitness and mobility. Though we have been working together for almost a year, we have already exceeded my expectations. His easy going demeanor makes it easy to bring down my defenses and allow myself to be open to try something new. He proved to me early that he knows his stuff, making it easy for me to trust him and do things that I didn't think I could do. Within a few months, I could see progress in my mobility and physical strength, and losses in weight; my progress continues today. Instead of focusing on the end result, he has taught me to focus on sustainability. I'm now focusing on my movement, strengthening my body for long-term health and mobility that will facilitate a healthy lifestyle for many years to come. As someone who never really liked to workout and did just the minimum for many years, I now have come to appreciate exercise and even look forward to it, missing it when I'm unable to workout. I know that I would not be where I am in my health without working with Shah and for this I'm grateful and very devoted. I am happy to endorse him and his work!"

James T. Jordan


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