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The goal of this program is to improve overall athletic performance. The program utlizes 3 resistance training days and 2 hybrid conditionining/resistance training days to maximze strength, power, and work capacity. Each of the phases has been designed to bias certain physcial capacities while maintaining (if not improving) other physical characteristics. The 22 week program undulates in volume throughout the week to keep you progressing from day-to-day and week-to-week while maintaining your ability to recover. 

Athletic Performance Program (5 Day: Phases 1-4)

    • Athletes beginning their offseason training.
    • Athletes who want to improve their overall athleticism.
    • Athletes who want to improve strength, power, and aesthetics. 
    • Athletes who have been training for at least 1-2 years and are comfortable with barbell/dumbbell based movements/lifts.
    • Athletes who value quality programming designed to be efficient and to-the-point (no "junk" volume).
  • By purchasing the Athletic Performance Program, you agree to the Waiver and Release, which can be found here.

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